ElevatHer - networking app for women in fintech

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We have officially launched the first of its kind networking app for women in finance and fintech to find mentors and peers in the industry. Download the app on Google Play or App store and tell us what you think!


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Hi all,

I’ve re-listed this thread – I’ve chatted to Sheena over email and have verified her address.

Welcome to the forum, Sheena! Hope @ElevatHer is a success :blush:


@yen The post is still hidden, think you need to reject the spam flag as well

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Unhidden now :slight_smile:

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Oh god, not another “Empower Women” app / website or whatever :unamused: I dread to think the backlash that would ensue if it was men only :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

How is segregation of one gender supposed to “solve” the issue that you mention?

You don’t see Monzo creating Men or Women only areas for their app. They believe in gender equality but take a far better approach:

I guess you will have missed this since you just signed up to plug your app? :thinking:

I also can’t believe that this has been moderated and allowed to be honest :confused: Surely people should be contributing to the community instead of using it as an advertising platform?

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My opinion on the matter is gender is irrelevant - talent and enthusiasm should reign.:1st_place_medal:

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In sectors where females are historically underrepresented, initiatives like this can help open the door to new opportunities

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What about the other way round? How does it help with that?

Or those who go by a gender other than Man or Woman?

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As a finance and Fintech app it doesn’t need to cover the other way round

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I can see this turning into a bad discussion so all I’ll say is this:

I feel that this app is a very narrow minded approach that isn’t looking at, or is even going to solve the bigger picture.

I doubt we will hear back from the OP anyway. There is no intro, pleasantries or anything - just the same copy paste paragraph that they have been spamming across the web.

Oh and they’ve even dumped it in the wrong category too:

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Moved it now, thanks

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An App solves nothing, you’ve got to look at the culture within the city to start with

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Hi @Ordog

We support initiatives that support women in tech and finance. We’ve signed the Women in Finance charter, for instance. And we host events to help women network and advance their careers, like our events with DevelopHer.

Personally, I don’t agree that a networking platform for women in any way negatively affects men. And in industries typically dominated by men, women-only spaces exist to provide a safe space for women to connect with each other.

We allow other companies to post here, especially other Fintechs. We have a whole category dedicated to this - #financial-chat:fintech-q-as. We just check to make sure it’s not overtly sales-y or dangerous.

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Difficult isn’t it, to improve the inclusion of one group, you exclude another group. It’s an interesting debate but probably not for this thread I guess.

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I never said that it negatively affects men. My argument was that I feel it exacerbates the issue by only focusing on one aspect instead of looking at the bigger picture where everyone is equal whether they’re men, women, non-binary etc etc.

Also, what’s wrong with everyone getting involved and helping regardless of gender? Again the cause that Monzo support is great because anyone can join, but the description of this app states that it is women only for some reason. They’re contradicting their own agenda here by wanting to stop exclusion but then excluding others themselves?

This is 100% sales-y :confused: I posted screenshots of their bio and evidence that they’re pasting this same message across the web to name a few.


It’s a networking app that is geared towards putting women in the industry in touch with one another. I don’t see how that is exacerbating anything, it’s just enabling women to make connections with others with a similar experience to themselves.

Speaking as a woman in a male-dominated field, this is actually something that is helpful.

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You’re missing the point I’m making entirely and ignoring the others.

All this is set out to do is tip the scales the other way and move the issue somewhere else. We’ve only touched on men and women here too, so isn’t it selfish to think that women are the only ones who are “being dominated by males”?

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I’m not missing the point, you seem very offended that a product has been made somewhere that isn’t intended for you.

Nowhere did they claim that they’re aiming on “solving the bigger picture”. They said it’s a networking app for women… that’s it.


I said male-dominated field, I didn’t say women are being dominated by males.

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