Club Subscriptions and Savings Pots

Do people use savings pots to manage annual club subscriptions?

Considering a typical scenario

Squash club (£295)
Porsche Owners club (£60)
Golf club (£1,800)
Gentleman’s club (£600)
Yacht social club (£35)
Badminton club (£180)

I suppose you could create a pot for each club. Open each for a 0.01 and setup a monthly contribution (x/£12). Then when the pot hits £500, convert to a ‘interest bearing’ pot and divert the monthly sub. Seems a maintenance pain right? Each year the subs go up too - more maintenance (yawn).

Create a single ‘subscriptions’ pots and aggregate the monthlies. You might maintain a minimum of £500 in this case - just withdrawing when a club comes due.

Is there a feature where pots automatically convert to ‘savings’ pots?

Curious to know how others manage this or if they bother at all.

Dump everything into Marcus and keep track via a spreadsheet and/or YNAB.


It sounds like you might find this suggested useful:

“Typical” :eyes:


Yeah I know. No football!!!

Add them all together divide by 12 and it’s nearly my mortgage.

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Sorry for going off topic. I’m always intrigued about private member’s clubs (I’m assuming that’s what this is, unless you’re a member of a strip club :bikini:)

What’s the appeal?

For me it’s ‘what else is there to do after playing sports’?. Go somewhere where you know everyone, in comfortable surroundings, can chat about anything without any politics…and everyone from a similar background/culture!

I see many people sat in watching soap operas every day. This doesn’t appeal to me. I’m out every night!

Each to their own.

UGH. This sounds horrid.

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Same reason I prefer going to a gay bar on a night out people gravitate to what they know :man_shrugging:

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I 100% make a pot of every subscription of any sort; one for water, one of council tax, one for Apple Music, one for badminton etc. So I’m quite glad monzo’s pot limit is quite large :joy:

Thanks. And you don’t worry about missing out on interest? Howsoever small?

Well now since I pay for Plus, the 1.5% covers any pots as well that aren’t savings pots.

I still have my usual savings pot that money goes into every month - so I literally split everything down and then put the rest into savings.

So I have my up to 4k in my normal pots and account to get the 1.5% Mozno Plus interest
And the rest of my savings in a savings pot for longer term savings and higher interest👌🏻

Oh right. I didn’t know that.

Yep, so i earn savings on my main account, standard pots and also have saving pots for the other savings.

This is what I liked about B bank. You could set a target date for savings and it automatically divided up the payments by month until the due date.

For people who would like this feature, you can vote for it here:

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