Cleo Feedback


Yeah, i’m finding Plum and Cleo are saving too little for me. Chip is transferring 2-3 times the amount away. (Plum and Chip have same account connected).

Agree with Chip not being instant (it was a pain point of mine with Moneybox), but I’ve learned in the last 2 months of experimenting that I’m someone who prefers things to be done in the background invisibly. I’ve even turned off notifications from Chip now. Let’s see how I get on in a few months time with all these automated sweepers switched on! Will certainly have saved more than I ever have before.


Not tried Chip but it’s great that it’s saving more for you!

You can adjust how much Plum saves by typing ‘mood’ and then selecting the setting you are happy with. I actually had mine set to ‘ambitious’ which saves 50% more than normal before I went away and it did a great job.

I’m not sure if Cleo has the same setting but might be worth a look and setting them all to the max!


Monzo is coming to Cleo soon!


Yay! Cleo annoyed me with those weekly quizzes asking what I’d spent that week, always got it wrong because it had no idea about my Monzo account.

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It seems like Monzo coming soon has been removed from their signup form :frowning:

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Just to update this thread, Cleo now supports Monzo. Also, get ‘VIP’ access to their new app with this code: