Summary Tab - ideas

I :heart:️ Monzo. But I do have some feedback/ideas.

  1. Summary Tab, could be a lot more intelligent using AI (Perhaps a little like Cleo).
  2. Summary tab could include stats like ‘daily average you can spend to not go over budget’
  3. I think the UI, particularly of summary and pots could be cleaned up.
  4. It would be nice if you could link a pot to a category so it automatically withdraws from that pot when you spend. Instead of using IFTTT.
  5. Prompt to force other users to upload a display picture.
  6. Tips to save more money, perhaps a monthly spending report using some AI. Stuff like “Cut down on eating out by 2 meals a week and you could save X”
  7. I feel the pots can clutter the feed, it would be nice to turn them off and remove them from the bank statement.

As someone that doesn’t use Cleo, would you mind explaining a bit more? What information would you like displayed, and for what purpose? :slight_smile:

You should give Cleo a try. If summary tab was a chat bot…

  1. Insights as you spend. Example “Slow down you’re spending to quickly. Try to keep your daily spend at £20 to avoid running out of pennies”.

  2. At the end of each month they could provide insights like “You spent £200 in McDonalds and KFC this month, cut back and it could be an annual saving of £x”

  3. You could tell the bot your saving goal. Perhaps £20,000 for a house deposit and it could provide advice on how much you can save per month realistically based on previous months and it could offer future advice to cut back spending and save more.

  4. I think if a chat bot was used for the summary tab, you could also make the way we save and spend more personalised. It’s very hard with the current view to make it work for everyone. A chat bot could fix this I believe.

  5. I think it would just make the whole experience so much more interactive and fun :blush:

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That sounds like my idea of hell

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I despise chat bots. I really don’t see the point. Plum uses it and it was such a pain to use just to save some pennies put away.

Even the BBC news site has one randomly in some articles which just repeats select chunks of the article.

I think someone decided: “People are used to communicating through messages, applying this to everything is a great idea”. Maybe it’s less intimidating? But a well designed GUI is so much more efficient.

I kinda get it if it was a chat bot integrated with Google Assistant…

OT: Yeah, I would like some spending and saving insights eventually. Just not through a chat bot ‘AI’ interface.


Yeah I get that point, but the current summary tab just doesn’t work and looks lame.

Oh yeah I agree it’s very basic. But it’s still pretty much the first iteration, any additions would be great :grinning:.