Christmas/New Year 2023

Quiet day for us on Christmas Day

We’ll go and see the Grandkids in the morning and see what they have got off Santa and then head home for a quiet rest of the day with just the two of us


Be a change for me.

Won’t be with the ex nor the cat. 6 years down the pan.

Have made up with family after a 7 year gap which have been most helpful, and won’t be spending Christmas alone following invite from them :sweat_smile:

Probs food then back to my apartment and chill, not sure any bars open Xmas day :no_mouth:


Funny enough I just got a notification from Wetherspoons that they are open Christmas Day :no_mouth:

Glad to hear about the family though; regardless it’s often nice to have that connection, however thin it might be.


Went from thin to thick in a day and I love it.

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I’ll go for my morning bike ride as usual, since the roads are so quiet.

Then Christmas dinner with Mum and that side of the family, before going to my Dad’s for a few days.

I’ve got a friend’s birthday party on the 28th.

No specific plans for NYE yet, but have been considering a last minute weekend away.

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Off work until Wednesday now, unusual for myself to be off work for 4 days at Christmas. We have three boys so Christmas Day starts about 4am onwards for Santa presents, then church late morning, dinner for 5 of us at home, visit to in-laws (only next door) then chill rest of day and eat more food. Boxing Day my parents are coming for dinner. New Year’s Eve is usually let boys sit up late to watch fireworks on tv with some nibbles, then my parents coming for dinner on New Year’s Day.


I used to have that view when I broke up with my exes, but I’ve come out of each much stronger, and more understanding of myself, what I want, and how to be comfortable and satisfied on my own! It’s a huuuuge change, and a tough one.

Last year, I spent my first xmas on my own - ever - having planned it all with my then bf - but we broke up in the October. Apart from on the day - it’s just like normal days! Was really nice to eat what I want, when I wanted, and socialise with who I wanted. The dog was great company!


Well without making the forum about breakups I honestly feel ok so far.

Just miss the cat mostly but he would hate it here so would be cruel to bring him. Otherwise yeah it’s a new direction and I’m sure I’ll manage.


San från gets my vote! Definitely San Francisco. Especially if it was LA you went to last time. San Diego is good too.

Christmas aint really my thing. One of my siblings has gone Pagan this year, and I’m half tempted to join them. It’s the board games and jackboox party among other online video games on the day that I enjoy and look forward to. Just hoping my sea of thieves board games makes it across from Inverness in time.

Will probably also give The Traitors card game a go for the first time as well. Bought those cards a while back and haven’t used them yet. I think Argos are selling a board game version now too, but not sure if anyone picked one up.

Mimeo have also ruined Motif, so I’ve also explored my creative side this year by designing and producing my own holiday cards. That’s been quite fun and feels a lot more special.

No plans for the new year, but I never do. Not into alcohol or the pub/clubbing sort of social life. I’ll either be watching films or playing video games.


New York can be a lot. But I wouldn’t write it off entirely. There are places you can go to stop and breathe. Central Park is the obvious one. And the Metropolitan Museum is HUGE and has plenty of quieter areas and galleries in it because many people will just hit the obvious ones. Then at the top of the island you have the Cloisters (an annex of the Met) that is set inside of a large park, with another larger park just north of it. Some nice views across the Hudson.

You can also move off Manhattan, and go to Brooklyn or Queens. The latter has the Museum of the Moving Image, if you’re interested in film, and the former has many things - but the two I will note are Prospect Park, and Green-Wood Cemetery. The latter particularly is huge and a very calming place.

Frankly, you could safely ignore the hugely touristy Times Square area (you’ll have seen it all on TV anyway, I’m sure), and I’d also suggest the Chelsea High Line is better avoided (nice idea in theory, but in practice I found it crammed with tourists).

I won’t lie - NYC is a lot - but it can be possible to find places to escape and recharge. I might also recommend some form of earplugs if you’re sensitive to noise; not ones that would completely cut out sounds, but something the bring it down. Because that’s the thing I remember about Manhattan - it’s so noisy almost everywhere all the time.


Talar du svenska? Or just a strange typo rather than foreign language autocorrect? :sweat_smile:

Definitely leaning towards SF given it would be something new but can’t lie I loved the chill vibes in LA and would love to revisit, particularly the parks and beaches. But it makes more sense to get new experiences for now.

Thanks, these recommendations are great! I’ll definitely save them for one day when I inevitably cave and go to NYC. The problem is that most of the things I’d want to see are in busy/touristy spots like 9/11 memorial, the Federal Reserve, the Empire State, etc. I’ll just have to bite the bullet one day and go round taking breathers in spaces like you recommend.


foreign language auto correct. Whoops! :joy:

Swedish? :eyes: or any other Nordic languages also using från?


It stems from multilingual autocorrect being dumb in general. It would sometimes randomly add French accents to English words for me and they’d get sticky, meaning it was impossible to type the English word without the accents. Over time my friend would mock it, and add on extra random and other ones, which my autocorrect learns from and so we end up with a word like från in my vocabulary when I don’t even speak Swedish. :sweat_smile:

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I’ll raise a cup of coffee to that


I’m not a fan of this time of year, and it generally fills me with malaise. So I’m just taking each day as it comes to be honest. My sister will be with us over the next week, and we have some nice food in. May go to London for New Years to see some other family, not sure yet.


Bristol to East London this year to visit family. My partners a nurse and this year he’s not working Christmas Day so we can do the visiting. My mum pulls out all the stops with the cooking which is a delight. NY will be a quiet one.


Just a quiet family Christmas and NY. I’m very happy with just food and company (family and cats) nowadays :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you all have a good break and manage to recharge for what 2024 might bring!


For everyone celebrating, have a

MERRY CHRISTMAS :christmas_tree: and A HAPPY NEW YEAR :clock12:

:gift: :plate_with_cutlery: :wine_glass: :partying_face: :fireworks: :clinking_glasses: :man_dancing: :tada: