Christmas 2020 🎄

I have patiently waited for today to start this thread. Mainly in the hope that someone is going to reveal a magical gadget that they’re asking Santa for and then I can do the same!

Who has all their presents purchased? Presents wrapped? Money in a pot that’s been totting up all year ready for a splurge when shops open again?

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No cards bought, written, nor sent. No presents bought nor wrapped. No wrapping paper bought. No tree nor decorations up.

I’m doing Christmas on hardcore mode. Last minute.


No cards bought, no presents bought, no pot with money saved up in it. I’ve made a list of everything I’m buying, so just need to plan the right time to buy! :eyes:

Oooo I forgot to open my advent calendar!

Yes I’m probably too old for them but I don’t care :laughing:

Is it a “gin of the day” one?

:christmas_tree: I already have my Christmas Tree up, which is a festive feat in itself given I normally manage it by the 20th.
:pie: I’ve got my Christmas baking on the go - trying to perfect my Mince pie filling before going mental on the baking.
:gift: Not even started. Going to be a very “what can fit through the letter box” type christmas I think.
:movie_camera: But! On the plus side, I have got an excellent winter full of Movies to get watching.

Last night I watched the traditional “transitionary” film between Autumn and Winter - The Nightmare before Christmas, of course - and today marks the start of daily festive films in the lead up to Arthur Christmas on the 24th, and of course Die Hard on the 25th.


Sadly not. It’s a homemade one for the whole family so technically I could sneak a few bottles in some of them :thinking:

I watched ‘Fatman’ last night. I think that’s a good warmup without jumping into a full blown Christmas film :smiley:

Is it a festive film, though? Time for a poll…!!

I don’t do Christmas cards, I say it’s for the environment but really it’s because I’m lazy and it does seem like a huge waste.

Die Hard on Christmas Day seems like a great idea though. I wonder if the in-laws will agree :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Apart from my funds being in a decent interest bearing account, not a pot.

Only got a couple of pressies left to get when the shops open again on the 11th. Planning to wrap everything I’ve already bought and put the tree up at the weekend

I don’t do cards

I’m pushing for a June Christmas. I’d rather have a late one than a shitty one.

I got be all excited when I thought this might drop nicely in as a substitute opening to “White Christmas”…
It doesn’t :smirk:

No, it doesn’t.

Am I the only one looking forward to a relaxing Christmas on my own without having to cater to other family members? :sweat_smile:


I was going to treat myself to a HomePod mini this Christmas. Delivery dates slipped. Ordered myself a new houseplant instead for the empty corner of the living room.

I’ve never really done Christmas decorations. Too much a hassle for me, and those cheap fairy lights that interfere with the wifi connection are too annoying. If i do any decorations, I’ll decorate my house plants instead.

As for Christmas gifts, there’s only one child that remains in our semi-extended family at this points, because none from my generation have had kids, yet. They’re 7 and are into robots this year. Bought them a Sphero as a fun STEM educational toy.

My mum loves elephants, but has every elephant gift you could possibly imagine. After hours of research, I’ve decided to adopt Bondeni for her. Not a physical gift, but something I’m hoping will be appreciated more.

As much as I’d love to personally follow Martin Lewis’s Christmas mantra, my siblings ironically brand me as Satan for even considering it, so I’ve bought them all something fairly cheap.

So Christmas was all done and dusted for me back in November! It’s destroying everyone at Monopoly that makes the day matter to me to me. :smiling_imp:

Now, about my Kinder advent calendar… :yum:

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Did all my Christmas shopping in September and October, it’s been packaged up and awaiting Santa for weeks now

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Started a monthly deposit into a pot earlier this year so got my funds ready, but nothing bought yet. So happy about this as usually I don’t plan and have a very tight January.

My partner’s bday is yesterday (30 November) so I never really have capacity to think about Christmas presents until I’ve got hers sorted and out the way :persevere:

Have started on a list so will try buy presents for family this week as last year I was running round shops on the 20th and hated every second of it :upside_down_face:

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I bought my first ever Mac - the M1 Macbook Air - other presents have been bought and amazon have “wrapped” them

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