Child trust fund problems

Hi all, my daughter has had problems accessing her CTF with NatWest, problems include ID verification problems and trying to contact anyone who can help. It’s been a complete nightmare for her. I told her to join Monzo asap as I’m sure the process would be easier.

But would it? In the years with Monzo (6yrs) everything seems speedier! It’s old legacy software that banks use slows them down.

Should she make the switch?

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Is this asking if Monzo provide trust funds? If so, the answer is no.

If it’s drawing down funds from a trust fund, not sure what verification the bank needs to carry out but it feels just specific enough that it would cause major issues with Monzo support, if they can even offer such a service.

Generally the more technical a request is the longer it takes and the more people they pass you through.

So in one word: no.


Going into a branch may make it easier. You will likely need photo ID and proof of address for both you and her.

If you were going to transfer it, you might need to transfer it to an ISA as few places offer CTF these days.

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