Go Henry... Go Monzo?

Hi, I’m new here… but hoping that someone might have the history to know if Monzo are planning anything for kids - I have an 8 & 12 year old and they both have “Go Henry” cards (pre-paid cards with apps to support). I think they are great, but it would be better to have all banking in 1 place for my wife and I to be able to see and manage their accounts alongside ours. Just a thought and something that I wanted to ask about? If anyone can do it, Monzo can. The high street banks won’t!

There is another thread about this that your post may be merged with, but I think for the moment the general understanding is that it’s highly requested but definitely not a priority for Monzo. I don’t believe they’ve shown any interest in the idea at all.

A lot of us liked the idea of a card linked to a specific pot as a sensible and easy to achieve middleground, so we could put our child’s money in a pot and they could spend it on a separate debit card. No sign of this being implemented, though.

I use a prepaid card in my name for my daughter at the moment, and will move on to Go Henry when she needs a card to use without me being present. I don’t see Monzo offering this soon.

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The concept of a paid for family account has been suggested in the past but there’s nothing in the works that we know about at the moment. The detail of what that may look like hasn’t been expanded on.

I’d certainly suggest not expecting anything for free at this point.

There’s a full thread on the topic of child accounts somewhere but it’s more on the repeated requests than anything else.

Tom has talked about this quite enthusiastically in the past.

Actually, a couple of years ago Santander trialled a link–up with Osper (which does the same thing as gohenry) but it didn’t work.

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You can vote for this feature here:

I had a nimble account for my daughter which is similar to go Henry. In the end I realised I was throwing money away and set up a starting account in my name instead. The app is setup on my phone so I have control and see what has been spent and she keeps the card.
It’s also handy as I get an alert when she uses it on the bus, so I know she is on her way home from school.

I guess Starling suits that purpose more because you can block online spending whilst still allowing the card to function, if you want.

Interestingly Starling has just introduced a card specifically for giving to other people to use.

I was impressed recently when Revolut introduced kids accounts, but, again, they’re paid-for.

That’s interesting, I didn’t know about blocking the online spending. I haven’t spent time to do a deep dive into the app but did see an email about the second card they have started offering.
Perhaps Monzo should offer a second card it would save me having two accounts.

Actually I don’t know if Starling’s new Connected Card will work on buses. Not sure if they’re technically online spending, which that card won’t allow.

Anyway, for the main card you can switch off online spending, ATM withdrawals, gambling etc. under ‘Card and Currency Controls’ in the Card tab.