Check out your Year in Monzo!

@cookywook If we recategorise stuff (some of my ‘eating out’ was in ‘general’ for example), is there a way to regenerate the Year in Monzo?

Afraid not! We do 'em all at once beforehand.

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Shame. :frowning:

I had a panic when my Year showed 2 online transactions when I only use contactless/chip&pin but looking over my transactions I found 2 ATM withdrawals (emergency cash for local cash only cafe). Didn’t realise ATM counts as online.

I think I use ‘get paid early’ a hell of a lot :grin:


Lol unfortunately, I was there two days ago! But i am going to stay away for 2 weeks and eat what’s at home. It’s time to start saving and stop eating out when it’s not needed.


Hey :wave: were you asking me earlier to merely report the fraud to support, or were you saying that fraud should not count towards Year in Monzo? One of my top “spends” is actually fraudulent transactions

Mine shows McDonalds as my number one Eating Out spot, however, that’s only because there is not a sub-category for coffee which accounts for most of those transactions :man_shrugging:

Followed by Wetherspoon, at least half of which is just Guinness and no food, but once again, no drinks category.

It was fun viewing otherwise though, I suppose.

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I’d call getting a coffee or a beer whilst out eating out :man_shrugging: Half the time I’m at the pub I’ll get food too so then I’d be even more confused which category to put it under if there was both food and drinks categories. I just mentally put eating out as any food or drink bought that isn’t groceries.


Agreed. I was not asking for sub-category, just trying to explain that, like most graphs, the devil sometimes lies within the data and the graph does not offer the true image of one’s lifestyle.

Visited two McDonald’s in London today, while in the West End for Waitress, and noticed that the Strand charge 10p more for a milkshake than Cambridge Circus, just a few minutes walk away. Only noticed because the MyMcDonalds app was still displaying Cambridge Circus prices, where I had had a coffee, and so I nearly ended up ordering to collect at wrong franchise :rofl:

Strange how that price structure exists. Motorway services and the like I understand, however, I have three within two miles of my home, and all charge different prices. Oh well :man_shrugging:

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But Guinness is food? :smiley:

Right now we don’t exclude fraudulent transactions (I’m not sure myself if they’re marked up in a way that would let us do this). Don’t worry about doing anything yourself for now, we’ll just bear it in mind for next year.

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My local is under the “entertainment” section, It’s about right.

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Monzo promoting @alexs ‘s Tweet


There’s a few they’re promoting afaik

Who’s Alexs? Was he the old community manager?


He’s an influencer. Goes around influencing things

Gets up, does a bit of influencing. Has lunch, a bit more influencing. The usual


That’s why I keep seeing his name crop up. Wish I had that sort of money.

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It’s good to have something to aspire to

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He’s BIG in the game