Chase -Standing Orders problem

There are several posts over on MSE complaining that Chase hasn’t paid Standing Orders due out on Monday 26/12 and Tuesday 27/12.

Now these days were Bank Holidays, although I thought Chase paid Standing Orders on Bank Holidays, but apparently the payments didn’t go yesterday or today, either, and Chase has emailed customers telling them to make the missed payments manually.

This is very poor service. Has anybody here been affected by this?


Yes but with other banks. I thought this was just normal?


Monday’s SO went out.

Tuesday’s didn’t.

Go figure :man_shrugging:

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It’s normal not to pay Standing Orders on Bank Holidays, but it’s also normal to pay them on the first working day after the Bank Holiday. Chase haven’t paid some of them at all this week.

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They just cancelled this week’s to Halifax, yet SO still live for next Tuesday :man_shrugging:

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Ah, yes! Misunderstood, my bad. Had some standing orders with RBS and Monzo scheduled for Monday but they went out in the early hours of Wednesday morning instead.

Missed the part where Chase hadn’t paid them at all. I recall experiencing something like that back in the day with Nationwide, but only once.

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I could have sworn Monzo pay SOs on non banking days normally :thinking:

No idea, but my two went out yesterday at 3:09. Never questioned it.