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I tried to raise a Chargeback against a merchant for a faulty service that was provided, and got this reply from Chase. Are they right?

This is the Mastercard Chargeback Guide:

You’re only gonna make @Revels angry by not posting this in the chase thread.

Escalate it. Assuming you’ve met your requisites and supplied proof, the agent is mistaken.


Curious, what was the service for them to reject it?

I ask, because a service comes in many forms.

Like paying for someone’s OnlyFans and finding out you don’t like what they produced - not eligible for a refund.

But a service like Netflix which has been completely down for a month, you probably could get a refund via merchant/chargeback.


Done! Thank you! And sorry in advance @Revels - feel free to move it.

Building work, where they failed to identify the thing that needed fixing. I got an alternative company in, and they provided a report showing the thing that actually needed to be fixed.


:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing: I’d be prepared for them to dispute it and wind up having a fight on your hands.



I’m not sure that is eligible for chargeback because they did come and provide the service, albeit didn’t find the problem.

The two aren’t the same.

If they hadn’t turned up, then your odds could probably be better, you’d need to prove that though.


Afraid I’m sure this will be a civil dispute, and I would be surprised if Mastercard took this on.


I agree. It could be ‘not as described’ depnding on how the exact service was described. But builders aren’t known for their extensive written descriptions of their services. If generally they were just billing for time as builders tend to, and they spent that time there then the service was provided.


Thanks everyone, this is really helpful.

A few more details, in case this helps. I’ve changed the part of the house, but it’s analogous:

I paid for a plumber to produce “leak investigation report” that promised to find the cause of any leak. It cost £200. The report said the piping across the whole house needed to be replaced.

It sounded suspicious. I got another plumber, he found a loose connection, tightened it, and no more leaks.

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That sounds like he could argue that the piping does need to be replaced.

Not going to be an easy one


You might do better filing a complaint with the plumbing company, explaining you got another company for the same job who did what they couldn’t.

Does seem ridiculous but Mastercard won’t entertain it because the service was provided, just the outcome not satisfactory.

Bad reviews online never go amiss either :kissing: