Charge backs from Monzo-me payments

Can payments received from Monzo-me have charge backs?
For example I request a client to pay me via monzo-me. Can the client do a charge back later on just like they do with card payment through card payment terminal?

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As a business owner who has been payed 9 times with stolen credit cards in the last 3 years and have 9 faced charge-backs, loss of revenue, plus associated charges, I’m genuinely looking to find out if these payments are secure to me. I’m a respectable business owner and I’m not trying to scam anyone.


If the card was stolen then yes it would be charged back.

Also note that you can’t use the current account for business purposes, some people have been caught out by this.


Thank you for your reply. No, I would never use a personal account for business, in fact I thought Monzo was only business accounts and didn’t have personal accounts.

With most banks its actually perfectly fine, and pretty normal if you’re a sole trader to use your personal account. Its just Monzo being weird about it.

Ofc why would you think Monzo is just a business account? I can’t see anything from their marketing to suggest that, theres a only a handful of business accounts active in a beta-ish stage if you were lucky enough to get one when it was open. You can’t just signup and get one, everything is :soon:

That would be super impressive if Monzo was holding 4 million accounts of the ~5 million businesses in the UK. Barclays, HSBC, Lloyds and TBS group might as well give up if that was the case.

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Do business accounts have limits too?

On personal accounts you can only receive a maximum of £1,000 each month, so I’m not sure it will be a good idea to offer this as a payment method for your business.

I guess @UMMD could help answer that having a business Monzo account.

Looking at the Monzo business page it still has “… join the 3.6 million people who’ve changed the way they bank.” so its been awhile since they updated that section.

I don’t know if they let more test it out but there was only 100 Monzo business accounts last year.

I’ve just looked and according to the Monzo business banking page payments are not available yet.

Therefore the OP must be using their personal account for business :thinking: :grimacing: or the webpage needs updating :man_shrugging:

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Yes, payments can be charged back. payments are also currently only available to UK personal accounts.

I would strongly recommend against using for any business purposes until it is officially supported with business accounts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is the link the business name or the owners , just curious.

I’ll add some smiley faces to lighten it up. :sweat_smile:

He was basically saying oh I though all Monzo accounts were business which was bollocks, and that he had one which is most likely bollocks as isn’t in the business version. Trying to find a way to stop customers from doing chargebacks is shady, he deserves the grumpy response imo.

Even the most respectable merchant is always going to get the dicks that try it on even when you have delivered above and beyond, or scammers that take the goods and say they never got them, its part of running a business.


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