Local businesses taking Monzo.me payments?

I’d had the general thought that places like tattoo shops, that often are cash only to avoid card machine set-up and running costs, or local market stalls, might see this as a way to take payments as more and more people carry a Monzo card.

Has anyone seen this? Is there a downside I haven’t thought of?

the downside is the cost to Monzo of the processing of the card payments which they are at present absorbing

I did wonder how they were managing to make it free - has anything been said about this changing in the future?

I don’t recall anything in context of private users, sending money to friends, splitting bills etc - Monzo didn’t say it would change. But those small businesses are not designated users and Monzo offers retail banking ¯\(ツ)/¯. Anti laundry laws, anti tax evasion and other ‘fair usage’ limits would make it really hard to businesses to carry on with CA as they probably can with prepaid card. It doesn’t seem like a viable long term solution for anyone who runs small business.

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Just to confirm, this isn’t allowed -

I can’t see that changing in the future as that would mean Monzo absorbing the acceptance fees that merchants currently pay when you make a payment to them & I don’t think that the benefit, in terms of user experience, outweighs that cost.


Along with the limits of £100 per payment and £1000 a month. A business will no doubt exceed that in a month.

Thanks for the fast responses! Turns out there was stuff I didn’t know :slight_smile:


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