"Changing your legal name" help article missing from app

According to this help page on the website, to change my legal name I need to navigate to the “Changing your legal name” help page in the app and press “Get in touch”. The problem is, that page doesn’t exist.

I would guess the person who started this thread encountered the same issue, as they seem to have ended up on the “Changing your personal details” page, which is the first thing that comes up if you search for “Changing your legal name”, see the screenshot below.

I also noticed that “Changing your preferred name” is also missing. Seems weird. Anyway, I need to change my name, so it’d be cool if this was fixed, so let me know if there’s anything I can do to help that along.

I searched “change name” and “Changing your legal name” popped up for me … Same as searching “Changing legal name”

Interesting - looks like you’re on iPhone, right? I’m on Android. Seems like this could be an Android-only problem.

Missing for me on Android as well

Why are the help articles different on different OSs? Things like update/change home address are different as well :hushed:

Just installed Monzo on my iPad and I still don’t see any change name options :man_shrugging: