Reorganise pot order

It would be nice to be able to reorganise the order of pots.


I’d like to see more than one and half pots on screen at a time, too. :frowning:


I would second this idea to reorganise pots if possible!


Also, slightly off topic but slightly related. Currently there is a limit of only 10 pots. Although that initially might sound like a lot those who use pots to save for different things / save for different members of family / holidays / just to set aside money for different things, likely will eventually find that they need more.

Would be great to restructure the way pots are graphically shown so that more pots can be added. Perhaps a list of pot names and pot totals and then you click on the pot to be shown a history of translations in that pot.


This has been requested loads of times over the years but still yet to come… I won’t hold my breath for it coming any time soon… although is something I really want to see!

I would like to see more than one at once :flushed:

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Now that is asking too much :wink:

…I actually like that you know. My pots are slightly hidden so I’m not always reminded I have money to spend.


I like how Starling presents their pots/goals

Be nice if we borrowed this view from them :wink:

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