Changing password

(James Smith) #1

When setting up the app, I used a not-sufficiently-secure password because I could remember it and assumed I could change it later. Unfortunately, I now can’t find where to do that. Is it possible, or am I just being stupid?

(Terry) #2

I requested this same feature yesterday. Can’t find anywhere to update password, e-mail or telephone. I think they are working on it :slightly_smiling:

(Tristan Thomas) #3

Yep, we’re working on it! You can’t do it in the app at the moment securely - we can change it for you but you’ll have to tell us what you want.

(DJ) #4

Hmmm - did this one ever get fixed?
I was just looking today to change passwords for exactly the same reason, but failed dismally…

(Kieran) #5

Monzo doesn’t have passwords :slight_smile:


You use a link sent to your email to log in to the app. Your 4 digit card PIN is required to transfer money out of your account.

Your PIN can be changed at most ATMs. And you can of course change your email account password. Id also recommend you use two factor authentication (2FA) on your email account.