✅ Changing name of payee

It would be very useful to be able to change the name of a payee

Delete the existing and re add with a different name.

…shouldn’t be the way to do that.


It’s no worse than First Direct in that respect but I guess it may be useful once or twice in a lifetime.

…because no-one knows more than two people who ever get married, change gender, change their name by deed poll, etc. Or, more likely now SCA is being introduced, there will be lots of people where the payee name they’ve stored doesn’t exactly match the legal name on the account, e.g. Mike v Michael.


Oh, I’m not suggesting it shouldn’t be done, improving on the “the normal” is part of what Monzo, Starling etc. is supposed to be about but it’s easy to say “this needs to change” but harder to read against the other banks functionality because most of us don’t bank with all of them.

Everyone has a different experience of this sort of thing and development should never be driven by a single voice or a bit of spin dismissing the views of others.

You make a very valid point, one that I agree with. Not sure why your post was hidden. :confused:

SCA alone should be reason enough to make this easier. Vast majority of my saved payees are saved with just a nickname, and most have several accounts attached. It would be a pain to have go through and update them all.

Just because other banks don’t make this easy, doesn’t meant it shouldn’t be improved, or that Monzo shouldn’t do it better than them.



The payee screen was IMHO the elephant in the room for Monzo, I hope one day that screen get’s the love that it deserves…


Yeah, I’m not sure either :thinking:


Regarding my flagged post above, could staff or Coral Crew please let me know whether it was offensive, abusive or a violation of community guidelines? I’ve been invited to edit it so it can be reinstated but I don’t know why it was flagged.


Payee management needs alot of love.

Especially now with faster payments details not being visible which is another reason why wed want to change payee name to reflect account name.


Having just gone full Monzo - this feedback shows me it was a great move. My first payment got the SCA failed message - hence the question - mind you it still got the message after I deleted and recreated - so had to send anyway!

This is one of the main reasons I keep Starling as my main ‘personal bills’ account, rather than Monzo.
Starling let you change any details for a Payee after setting them up.

Write a wrong digit? You can correct it without having to write down the bank details, delete the payee, and then re-enter them.

Possibly THE ONLY reason I don’t switch to Monzo.

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