Renaming a Payee

I pay money into my Marcus savings account using Monzo. I find it rather weird seeing my full name in capital letters in the recent Payments section. Is there a way to rename this?

Done it with mine as Marcus Online Savings Account and just add the reference as required it works fine on mine

Add recipient as Marcus Online Savings Account and and the account user name as reference.

You may need to delete and recreate the payment

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If I own the target bank account, I tend to name the payee based on the bank and type of account they are so they make sense when reading my statements. E.g.

Marcus SA
Monzo CA
Skipton LISA

You can rename them by deleting the payee and recreating it as @Juggy69 states.

Key: CC = credit card, SA = savings account, CA = current account, LISA = Lifetime ISA

Return the money from Marcus to Monzo and you get the full caps experience with absolutely no choice in the matter

Joys of 2019 banking

A purple competitor does it in a way that if you save a payee both incoming and outgoing payments appear with the name and photo you set. Not sure why Monzo don’t want to do it… it’s the only thing that puts me off the app… the payee management…


Now I am going through my transaction history to see what it looks like :joy:

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This is an annoyance for me as well… hate seeing my middle name on incomings from my legacy bank :see_no_evil: