Changing expenses category for just one

Hi guys,

Is there a possibility of setting a category for a expense without making it the same to all the other one related to it?

For example:
Uber Eats, in a lot of times, appear as just Uber (for Uber Ride), and when I try to change of of these expense to “Eating out”, it ends up changing to all the other ones, including those that are for ride. The same for Amazon and Amazon Fresh.

Do you guys know how to set a category (or custom one) for that only expense?

If you change the transaction category it does it for just that transaction and any future ones. It doesn’t change all your past transactions.

So change the category on just that one expense, then when you spend at Uber next time switch it back and it will continue to use that going forward.

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Thank you! Will give it a try next time!