Bulk select category for spending

Is there an easy way of moving multiple types of the same spend in one category to another category at the same time instead of one by one?

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Hello :wave:

It does this already, no? When you select a category it allows you to change the others (going forward) or all of them. At least on iOS.

Are you meaning “default catagory” e.g If I go to Shell then always set it to Transport?

PS I changed the title to make it easier to understand :slight_smile:

If you mean change all your Eating Out to Takeaway - this isn’t possible.

You can find one of each merchant and when changing it will ask you to choose all past and future payments to the new category.

Thanks for you help.

It doesn’t allow me to do this, well at least not on Android. For example, I want to change say some of my “Mobile Phone” category entries to say a new category called “Business Expense” - it doesn’t let you do it in bulk. is this something that will be possible in the future?

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Thanks. Do you know if its a feature to do that?

Also, I tried to change per merchant and cant see how to do that?