Changing Accounting Software Questions

Hello! I am thinking about changing my accounting software from FreeAgent to Xero. Has anyone done this before and is it a hassle? Hoping to change over to Xero to get the 6 months free with Monzo and also would like the feature to know when someone has viewed an invoice!

As someone who briefly tried Xero after using FreeAgent for years I wouldn’t recommend it at all. If your concern is purely the cost of FreeAgent, you can get it for free if you open a Mettle account (and leave it dormant - FA will still allow you to connect your real account): Get FreeAgent for free with your Mettle business account - FreeAgent


Hi! I’m a qualified accountant trained in both Xero and FreeAgent. I’ve dealt with a lot of switches and it can be a bit fiddly but worth it in the long run as I believe Xero is far superior for anything other than the smallest of businesses. Let me know if you want any assistance with it.

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