FreeAgent, erm, Free with Mettle

Email just received telling me that I can have FreeAgent accounting software free if I use Mettle.

Saves £170pa apparently.

Interesting proposition for small business / sole traders.

I disliked freeagent when I used it

Free business banking. Free accounting. Why didn’t you like it?

Slightly off topic, but is there any other good value business accounts that you know of?

I’d forgotten all about Mettle but their £100k limit makes it unworkable for me because I want to buy a house through a company for buy-to-let purposes and it’s slightly more than that. Starling can’t offer accounts for that purpose yet and Monzo isn’t ready. So far I only know of legacy bank solutions which isn’t my ideal choice.

The software was awful, I had it free with Barclays for a year but once it ended i paid for a different product.

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Fair enough.

Seems to get excellent reviews and others tell me it’s very good. I’m still using Sage 50 which is quite old now.

I got the same email. Don’t actually use my Mettle account, but like the sound of free FreeAgent!

FreeAgent seems fine for my needs, which is basically reconciling bank statements and invoices. My accountant logs in and does all his stuff.

I applied for Mettle and the application was declined…

The apply for Monzo!

I wanted to but I no longer have my Personal Monzo open because I wanted to clear my credit reports of accounts I’m not really using. Seems silly to add another one just for the business account.

I do like the look of Monzo’s offering though it’s a real shame standalone business accounts aren’t ready yet.

Could always try it all out for a bit?

I’m a massive fan of FreeAgent. it’s free with natwest business bank accounts too, which is why I haven’t closed mine yet (though all my money is coming in to my Monzo business account). Mettle is backed by Natwest so makes sense they’re offering it too. If you set up the account via them, you can still hook up your Monzo business account (if you’re on the Pro offering).

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Thank you. A helpful response. :+1: