Quickbooks or Xero (or others) - which is best?

Anyone had any experience of of these and can give a recommendation to either? It looks as though quickbooks is a bit cheaper, so currently leaning towards that.

What are you looking to do with either of these?

If you have a Monzo business account I believe there was an offer for Xero but I closed my business account back in July when I setup an Ltd

If it is just to send invoices and get payments getcoconut.com

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I’ve just taken up the 6 months free of Xero offer through Monzo. It’s my business financial year end today and it seemed a good time to try it. I currently use Sage. Setup was quick although it took a while to find the bit where you enter the starting balances - but the online help is great. Can’t say anything about Quickbooks but Xero is great. So much easier than Sage, invoice import automated with free Hubdoc integration, easy bank rules etc. Also had a free online training course (45 minutes via Zoom) and they offer additional free training including a day’s course in accounting basics. There’s a free trial (and 6 months free if you sign up through Monzo) so you’ve nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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I’ll give Xero a try in that case. It’s a small partnership business (which unfortunately means I can’t use Monzo business). Currently just use Excel for bookkeeping, balance sheet, profit/loss etc.

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Try the Hubdoc integration too. I’ve fired several invoices at it and it’s decoded them all no problem, also photographed a restaurant receipt and it pulled out all the relevant info and even the two subtotals for different VAT rates after an extra mouse click. Then with another click you can push the details straight into Xero - going to save me hours.