Ability to link account to Sage One accountancy package

I appreciate you have Xero and FreeAgent linked to Monzo, however (in the age of open banking and Digital Tax) what about the multitude of other providers? Namely Sage One. Moving to a less flexible and more expensive (accountancy) product, for me, makes switching to Monzo Business really tricky.

This is especially so as I am truly unhappy with my provider at present (HSBC), but the loss of Sage is not one I can take lightly. I know it is on your ‘radar, but not your roadmap’. I cannot be the only person that works with Sage, so come on Monzo, let’s get cracking!


I though Sage would be at the top of the list, every company I have worked for uses their system.

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Agreed! was really surprised that the bank said it was not an imminent provision…

I think business banking in its current iteration is aimed for small businesses, they don’t tend to use Sage.

Also Monzo surveyed the waiting list on what they wanted so have no doubt worked on the most requested first.

I’m a one man band and you can’t get smaller than that! The Sage One accounatncy package was suggested by my accountant.

Clearly, I am not a techy, but how hard would it be for Monzo to ask sage to help them develop the link?

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Agreed. Also a small business (2 people) and we use Sage. I’d have thought they’d have a bigger market share than Xero or Freeagent, being an established player. It would make life a hell of a lot easier if we could simply feed the transactions automatically. Currently quite time consuming.

adding my voice here. 1 man company. using Sage for my accounting per my accountant. Would very much like to be able to export my monthly transactions as a .ofx for direct import into Sage.

Xero, Quickbooks and Sage are used by thousands of small businesses so I would have thought Monzo should concentrate on getting those supported as soon as possible.

Monzo need to make some big strides if they’re going to attract a large slice of the lucrative business banking market. Take a look at HSBC Kinetic to see what some of the competition are doing…

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I was able to connect my Business Account into Sage using the Open Banking system & it worked flawlessly first time. Sage now auto updates all transactions automatically so the export of .ofx files doesn’t seem to be necessary?

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Interesting, can you give some instructions on how to do that?

Yes, I’d like to understand the process you followed, because I have attempted (for the umpteenth time) to connect using Sage / Open Banking and I receive an error notice “Internal error, we have been notified”.

Hi guys, sorry for delay coming back to you. From the Banking Page on the Sage web interface, I clicked the little red plus in the top right hand corner, then under the “banking” middle column in the create pop up overlay, selected Bank Account.

From there I just followed the instructions on the pop up that appeared, selecting the account type, gave it a name, & clicked through the options. At some point I had to verify or type in a code that the Monzo banking app gave me, & it just worked. I don’t believe I did anything different to the standard protocol to connect a bank.


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I think we may be talking across purposes. What you describe above is adding a bank account to Sage, not connecting Sage to the bank for automatic bank feeds that reduce the need to manually imput transactions.

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