Change timing of card expiry warning

Today I got a warning my joint card will expire.

It actually expires on 31/08 so it’s nearly 3 months away!

If I follow the prompts to confirm my address the card will be with me in 2 business days it says.

This seems to have been designed to avoid issues but actually it causes more as no websites expect a card expiring in August to be replaced in June, so they don’t prompt for the replacement yet and payments simply fail.

I think the easiest would be to prompt for the address check later or at least change it so that check doesn’t automatically result in a card being sent. Post the card on the 1st of the month in which it expires and things should work fine :slight_smile:

I actually received the same email today.

I don’t think they’re going to send you one just yet - they just want you to check that your address is still current in the app?

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I’m 99% sure I’d you click through that it will start the card order process.

I had the same prompt on my personal account (vs joint this time) and my new card arrived a week later.

It’s not the end of the world coming early but random payments failed as I hadn’t updated the details or being prompted to BG the website.

Ah ok. I haven’t got through to checking mine yet because my phone is broken.

By getting your new card a few weeks later would your payments not fail regardless? I assume they’re not a direct debit because those shouldn’t be effected.

You don’t have to change anything, your current card will continue to work until expiry.

It does seem like a long time considering it’ll probably arrive 11 weeks before your card expires but I expect the data tells them it’s better to do it in advance.

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