When replacement card will be sent

Anyone know how long before the expiry date new cards are sent out?

I believe you’ll get a thing in the app asking you to order a new one. Not sure what the time period before expiry that is though.

(I’ve not got to that point yet haha)

Open the app, help tab, search expired. Lots of articles.

The in-app help section has lots of useful information straight from the horse’s mouth.

They don’t automatically get sent out.

You’ll get a notification in app when it’s time to order a replacement and they ask you to confirm your address too.


I got a notification mid-June for a card which expires in September. New card arrived, activated and working now. So from experience, notification to do something occurs 2-3 months before the expiry.


Many thanks. Abroad for the foreseeable so that’s ideal.

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Same experience here with j/a cards for me and wife. But both delivered well after estimated arrival date.

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