Change Pot Type [Idea]

Pots are great, I think we can all agree on that. They help many of us do many different things. Now that we having savings pots, with a minimum £1,000 starting balance, problems arise. (Kind of.)

I have a normal pot, with over £1k in it. It is currently locked until April. I’d like to be able to just ‘edit’ the pot type to a savings pot but it’s not possible. If it wasn’t locked, I could delete the pot and make a new one but that’s messy in the feed.

Hopefully this sort of functionality will come along soon.


Unfortunately I don’t think that function exists at the moment :pensive:

I think your best bet would be to contact support, and ask them to unlock your pot for you (which they will do). Then you’ll be able to open up the savings pot :seedling:

Sorry, I posted this in the wrong place :see_no_evil: It was more an idea, I have moved it and edited the title to clarify this.


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