Switch away from monzo

I am switching away from Monzo on the 12th using the full switch service.

Will my Monzo flex account also be closed and if so will the balance need to be cleared before the switch date?

Yes, Flex closes. No, but you’ll have to arrange a payment plan.

You’ve caused yourself way more hassle than you needed to tbh. Should have just left it open.


Yes. Within the Flex terms and conditions:

When we can stop you from using Flex
you’ve closed your Monzo current account or switched to a different provider

If you have debt on your Flex

Closed Monzo Current Accounts
If your Monzo current account is closed then we will apply any payments to your next monthly payment.

Monzo could also decline your switch if other services are still active.

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Maybe the OP didn’t want the hassle of manually moving all their direct debits. Having just moved over half of mine from Monzo and still more to go, it’s a pain but in my case, I didn’t want to close the account.

How can you switch away from Monzo. Monzo is great. I made the mistake once and moved but no other bank has all their features and I won’t be moving away again from monzo. Hope you don’t regret the switch


But other banks have features that Monzo does not or does not charge for. I guess each to their own.


That’s a fair point.

Go for what suits you best personally, rather than what is ‘bank-of-the-moment’

Good luck!

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