Category icons, not / as well as pot icons in main feed

I often tweak which category payments from the same service go. For example, Amazon payments can been for household stuff, or presents, or groceries as well as other categories.

I have to tap into payments one by one to see how it wad categorised. This is annoying. It would be very useful to have the category icon by where the pot icon is in the screen shot below. (It’s not a great example screen shot, as the categories can be seen in some transactions, but when the shop has a logo, as is the case with most places, you can’t see the category):

There are also too many taps for setting category. I find it annoying to be asked where I want to apply it backwards, just this time, or all future times every single time. It’s an important process for me to get financial accuracy, but it’s cumbersome to the point of not useful.

That’s your round up pot icon you see above the merchant logo.

Yeah but he wants roundup one side and category the other (or instead of)