Can’t see categories? (?)

This seems so basic I kind of can’t believe it-

I heavily use categories and using them across other cards is why I pay for Plus.

But the only way to do this (I think?) is to go through all my payments one by one every couple of days and: literally tap into each one, to check the category, because for most I see an icon related to the vendor instead of the category.

Cue tapping on every single item, finding many are still pending and then repeating a few days later.


  • a way to turn off vendor icons (ideally quickly and temporarily but I’d do it permanently if I had to) so I can see categories instead.

  • a way to search for recent transactions across all cards that I haven’t categorised (or checked the auto categorisation on) yet.

  • a way to search for / see just transactions that recently went from pending to settled.

Anything in this ball park that’s better than tapping on the same transactions over and over, one by one, would be amazing.

Also I know this is a common ask but another huge upgrade would be the ability to categorize while pending. I understand there’s some technical challenges but I believe in you :wink:

Or maybe I’m missing a way to do this? :pray:


I use Trends for this and see what spend is in what categories. Anything in shopping or general etc I know needs to be changed.

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