[iOS] Category with same name as Pot uses Pot image

Issue: I have a pot named ‘Holidays’. Looking at the Summary screen, the category is now using the Pot image and not the icon.

Details to reproduce: Create Pot, name it “Holidays”, add custom image to Pot. View Summary screen.
OS: iOS 13 (Beta)
Device: Iphone XS
App Version: 2.56.0

That’s not a bug, pretty sure it’s deliberate.

I’ll let Monzo confirm that then. It’s not stated anywhere, isn’t obvious, and looks weird.

But then I don’t/can’t use the Summary screen so it’s a moot point for me.


Does the same thing happen for pots named after other categorises?

If i’ve understood the issue then I don’t think it is deliberate.

Wherever the pot is shown in the summary, then it should show the pot image. However, for ‘regular’ transactions from the account (under ‘Spending’ on the summary) that are categorised as ‘Holidays’ then it should show the standard icon for holidays and not the pots images that happens to have the same name.

p.s. I can’t reproduce on iOS 12.3.1 and iPhone 7 but same Monzo app version.

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I’m sorry, that’s what I get for skim reading! I thought you meant the transaction feed, not the Summary tab (as I never use it). So yes it does sound like a bug. Apologies for jumping the gun there.

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OK. Might be a caching issue.

Just tried to replicate with another category and it’s sorted itself out now?

Also, Category is ‘Holidays’, my Pot was ‘Holiday’. And idiot that I am I didn’t take a screenshot…