Category bubbles

Currently, if there’s a known logo for a vendor, it shows just the logo. If there’s no known logo, then the category/colour is shown.

If a transaction is a round-up transaction, it shows the icon for the savings pot in a little bubble at the top right.

I think it’d be good if transactions with a logo had a small bubble at the bottom right showing the category. Then you could know, without opening the logo transaction, how it’s been categorised.



I would be against this if i’m Honest. It would make the logo look crowded - where do you draw the line… I want the pot logo, someone else wants the category, someone else wants it to have an Apple/google logo for digital wallet payments - before you know it the whole app starts looking a mess.


On joint accounts you don’t get the pot logo as you get the user who’s card was used face instead like below…even though both transactions are rounded up

Personally I find category only mildly useful as well so I think they have it right as it is atm but maybe an alternative would be to change the feed item background as a whole…I mean the feed would be multicoloured then and no idea how messy that would look haha

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Perhaps it could be an optional setting. :thinking:

That could work, but unfortunately the same issue ensues - too many options clutter the app, just in settings instead of on the home screen.

How about tap to reveal? E.g. Shows logo, tap the logo and it reveals category for duration of tap&hold or tap and it reveals for X seconds, or (my least favourite) tap to cycle between what shows.

You can tap to see what it is now (shows transaction details) - I was trying to think of away of avoiding that. When I shop at Tesco, half the time it’s groceries, half the time it’s eating out for lunch. So I have to tap into it every time I shop there to know which category it’s under, and to correct it if necessary. I’d love for that information to be in the main transactions screen.

I’m meaning break the logo ‘column’ off and have the logo on the home screen toggle to the category, as opposed to opening the transaction details.

So, using your screenshot as an example - tap Tesco logo and the Tesco logo changes to category until you release, tap the word Tesco/Debited Amount/Note and it takes you into the details

Imagine how a button changes on a website when you hover your mouse over it - something like that

I’ve often thought this. Would definitely be handy.