Categorising transfers into pots


For someone who thought that Pots were an intellectually good idea but probably not for them, I’ve actually been surprised at how helpful they are.

I’ve set up some Targets for my monthly expenditure. Not all of my expenditure is through Monzo (for various reasons I can’t / am unwilling to change).

I compensate for this, though, by transferring the amount I spend externally to Monzo to various Pots. So, for example, I have a Pot for my credit card.

To better track my spending, it’d be really helpful to be able to categorise money into Pots, so that Targets work effectively.

A few questions:

  • is there a different way of thinking about this that’d help me out within existing functionality?
  • would this be useful for anyone else?
  • might this break the Pots model? (I can’t think of why it would, but something is nagging me slightly).


I think the name of the pot usually helps categorise what’s going into it. I could see this being useful if Monzo’s only allow a single direct debit/standing order pot though, depending on how Monzo categorise transactions that come direct from a pot in the future.

I know you can put notes (and Tags) on the item in your transaction fees atm, but you can’t see those notes within the pot (you have to search for the note/pot name in your transaction fees).