I’ve not really done the cash back thing. What sites do you use?

(David I) #270

I use Quidco for some things (simple registration of credit/debit cards means in-store cashback for some shops), but also have a work benefits site, and another which I get access to as a scuba diver with BSAC. Occasionally HotUKDeals has some good links but my success rate with these is not so good.

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(Tom Almond) #271

To add to this, how cool would it be if your receipt was stored in the transaction data on Monzo and you didn’t get a physical copy!

My local Tesco Metro gives you the option of printing a receipt, but the big Tesco just prints one off every time. It’d be amazing if it just went straight into the app!

To take this even further, if a supermarket could provide category data for each item in the receipt, you could even break down spending by category level! (This month you spent £20 on fresh meat, £200 on skin care products, £2000 on alcohol)

Supermarket Receipt Storage and Category Spending
(Tony Hoyle) #272

Tesco want you to use their own payment app, not monzo, so have no incentive to provide this information (not to mention spending breakdowns are extremely valuable data).

Maybe Flux would be able to pull something off… they at least have an existing system for shops to interface to.

(Nathan) #273

Cashback seems to have just been dropped from monzo’s wishes.

Wonder what their current stance is… do they want companies like tail/flux to do the dirty work for them and then just integrate it into the marketplace down the line… or do they still want a “monzo solution” to cashback/offers


It’s still on their roadmap (6-12 months)

But isn’t specific to cashback.

(Nathan) #275

I wouldn’t read too much into the roadmap anymore mate.
They’ve said themselves theyre openly pursuing an alternative and the trello board needs a massive overhaul

For example the “Merchant Discounts and Offers” tile that you mentioned was last updated on 25th Aug 2017… quite some time ago.


I assumed as much but it’s the only list I have :neutral_face:

(Nathan Steer) #277

Using Tesco pay+ and using Monzo are not mutually exclusive… you just pop your card details into the app. I use Tesco Pay+ with my Monzo card all the time.

I don’t disagree with the rest though. Tesco being willing to provide that data, which as you say is very valuable to them, is probably quite unlikely.

(Jamie) #278

Add this with ‘Secret Shopper’ Companies and you could be paid for shopping, you leave a review, and its all tracked through your Monzo! Could help everyone :slight_smile:

(Gordon Dack) #279

I use Tesco Pay+ with my Monzo card too :slight_smile:

(Brian Moran) #280

I really like this, I’d rather a cash back system like this over interest on savings. But the cash back offers have to be good, and with a wide range of retailers people all over the UK can use.

(Matt C) #281

The only reason I haven’t switched my joint account is because I get cashback on bills etc through NatWest. If something comparable was offered by Monzo, I would definitely switch.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #282

I run Monzo as my main account and just send a set amount to NatWest every month for the bills to generate cashback.

Likewise to Barclays for the mortgage.

Gross £18 per month from doing that.

(Dean) #283

Would seriously love this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

(Steve Daniels) #284

Wanted to just stick my oar in and say get this on the roadmap!

(MikeF) #285

Who’s going to pay for it?

I see all these requests for cash back, which is fine, but we’re talking about a bank that has yet to break even financially so I’m not clear where everyone thinks the money is going to come from to support this sort of thing.

(Nathan) #286

Thats a good question…

How do the likes of lifeworks, nectar, topcashback etc all do this currently? I would have been of the believe this cashback is given on behalf of the retailer… as a way of pushing the user to use them as opposed to similar retailers? In a similar way to a student discount is applied by say unidays?

(Nathan Steer) #287

Exactly this, cashback is generally a marketing tool.

(Jack) #288

Some sort of integration with Top Cash Back or Quidco?
I beilive the merchants pay them directly to draw in customers.