I find quidco’s payments extremely slow lately - usually taking months to get CB confirmed and further months for it to get paid. Not impressed that live chat is no longer available for premium customers too.

Does anyone use top cashback? How does it compare?


I’ve submitted claims on topcashback before to get things sorted takes a while but faster than I found Quidco. I’m not sure if they have a live chat option, haven’t ever needed one.

Voucher payment is usually pretty fast, Bacs is a couple of days to clear but never had any issues with it

(Tim Banting) #251

I love the idea. If only the supermarkets would do this instead of silly paper coupons…

One ask, please find a merchant that has a nationwide footprint and not just native to London!

(Valeri) #252

Ocado’s vouchers arrive by email (FYI also annoying they should be automatically in your cart next shop)

Also Tesco’s have introduced the Quick Vouchers for the mobile app -

(Matt C) #253

I just wish people would work together to solve these issues! It seems like a RIDICULOUS waste of time and money if you have loads of businesses effectively wanting to achieve the same thing and all spending money on developing it slightly differently. Would it not make more sense to pool together for change like this, which should be industry-wide?

(Nathan) #254

I just don’t think companies will want to open themselves to be on a level par with similar companies.
Theyre all vying for a competitve edge and the voucher/loyalty scheme is just one part of this unfortunately.

I think Monzo should be targetting companies for cashback collabs… because lets face it, it take minimal effort from the retailer to put in place

(Matt C) #255

I agree, they probably won’t, I just think that it is pretty idiotic not to pool resources. Paperless receipts for example (bringing in a conversation from another thread) shouldn’t be something that needs to be done differently from company to company, it should be a huge industry-wide change like getting rid of plastic straws and disposable cups.


As far as vouchers go, companies probably want some friction to keep profits up where people forget to use them, but also get people in store to spend more. Automatically applying vouchers probably isn’t in their interest.

They want to be appear to be benefitting the customer without sacrificing revenue.

Tesco and Sainsbury’s now don’t print receipts by default, you have to select you want one at self service, or say yes when the cashier asks if you want one.

For a nationwide receipt service, companies would be more likely to go for it if they had access to your other receipt data / where you shop so they can market more crap in your direction. The data that Tesco collects for club cards is a lot more valuable to them than just handing out points, they can probably create quite in depth profiles based on club card info, if you signed up for stuff like ‘baby club’ and the frequency you shop. I imagine the data helps quite a lot to contribute to store layout and staffing requirements.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #257

And remember, if you avoid taking out a Clubcard/Nectar, they’ll track you using your bank card number. They get the missing link – access to your email and home address – when you buy online and the system can link up the data.

(Andre Borie) #258

They get the missing link – access to your email and home address – when you buy online

This is why you can use Apple Pay or a different card to break the link between the two… or just don’t shop at high-street retailers online. I’m not sure why you’d do that when you get Amazon and much better deals (and cheaper delivery).

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #259

Except Amazon are doing the same?

(Andre Borie) #260

Amazon don’t have a link to your offline behaviour though; there as the problem above would be that Tesco would link your online purchasing with offline activities.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #261

I’m not sure what your point is I’m afraid.

My point : Shop tracks customer in order to sell more stuff. Lots of people know this is why cashback/vouchers/Clubcard exists, but may not recognise that shop also does it through your debit/credit card.

The existence or bricks and mortar shops (and any perceived better/worse model) is immaterial.

(Sean) #262

When you make a purchase that would be eligible for cashback and they split the bill with other Monzo users then would/should the cashback reward be split amongst those users provided they paid in X days? Seems to me that would be a great incentive to get all your mates on Monzo and would encourage those slow to pay you back to get the money over to you.

(Ravi) #263

Just happened to be on Topcashback today and realised I had £25 to pay out.

For some reason I looked through the vouchers, which I never do. Anyway, one of the options if for a virtual prepaid MasterCard with 8% bonus. Am I missing something? I hate vouchers but to to me that’s the same as cash.

(Andy) #264

TCB do some good deals with Zeek always worth keeping an eye on their vouchers deals!


You can get £70 cash back on Topcashback for an Amex Gold card which usually costs £125 a year but in the first year they waive the fee

Can you get the £70 cash back, use the card for a year (receiving Amex benefits), then cancel avoiding the £125 fee?


Here’s the link:


I luuuuvs this idea…:grin:…has it started yet as id like to join this cashback thing adding it to a pot…im happy to recieve any time…:blush:

(David I) #267

Completely agree with this but while companies are going to charge me 5% extra for everything I buy I will keep finding ways of getting 4% cashback on every transaction I do.

(David I) #268

I’ve been thinking about this cashback feature and one of the important parts is going to be ensuring we (the customer) get the best value. I use several sites to get cashback and will compare the offers between them and use whichever gives me the best offer. Sometimes it will be a voucher code, others a click-through link to the website for cashback.

Things which I think are going to be important:

  • simple way of knowing what cashback Monzo offer for a site
  • able to use existing click-through links for cashback and not have Monzo payment/cashback override to a lower value offer
  • report sites which get better offers (so Monzo can negotiate a better offer)

Note: I am really positive about this feature. I hate having to search around to get the best value on purchases.