(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #289

And you pay more for the privilege. Strange isn’t it?

(Nathan Steer) #290

I haven’t paid Topcashback a penny, and I pay the same price at retailers as I would if I wasn’t using Topcashback

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #292

Where do you think the retailers get the money to pay TopCashback, to pay you…?

(Nathan Steer) #293

Through me buying the things I was going to buy anyway :joy:

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #294

The price you pay at the shop isn’t as cheap as it could be, because the shop needs to send some money to TopCashback, and it’s not going to take anything out of the product mark–up.

(Nathan Steer) #295

You could argue the same for any form of marketing.

If the price I’m paying is the same whether I use Topcashback or not, then I may as well receive a small amount of their marketing budget for shopping with them.

If I can buy the same thing cheaper from a different retailer that doesn’t offer cashback then I’m still going to buy from the cheaper retailer.

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #296

And yet everyone’s desperate for Monzo to pay cashback. The money’s got to come from somewhere.

(Nathan) #297

So are you trying to say a retailer that offers cashback will more than likely charger a higher cost than a non cashback retailer?

Cause i havent found that to be true too often myself.

And when the rare cause happens that this is true i dont use the cashback retailer… its all about getting the best deal for myself

(Andy) #298

I find this to be an old wives tale. I often find the best price for an item with a retailer who also offers cashback with the likes of topcashback.


It’s probably worth highlighting that this thread exists because Monzo created it a year ago, and set out a fairly firm plan for how they were going to achieve it (at least, it looks well thought out in the initial post).

If Monzo put the idea out there with screenshots and potential ways of it working… People are going to get excited. I mean, we are literally talking about free money here.

As for the retailer hiking prices, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that. Sure, the prices might be inflated regardless, but that’s the same for everyone.

It’s not like you have one price for someone who isn’t claiming cashback, and a higher price for someone who is.

I can generally find deals online which work out better than the cashback sites anyway, and as Monzo isn’t my spending card, it’s not a feature I’d use.

Especially when you start talking about specific merchants, it all becomes a little… Nectar cardish - I still have nightmares of my Dad driving around to find a Shell garage to claim those elusive Nectar card points back in the day.

Appreciate this feature is on the long term road map, but perhaps someone from Monzo can update everyone on where they currently stand with it.

If you read the original post, it certainly looked like the wheels were in motion a long time ago.

(Nathan) #300

Starling also now has a lovely implementation of cashback/discounts.

Surely monzo should be looking to match or better their functionality

(Marcel Ruhf) #301

That’s news to me - apart from that one-time promotion they had during Black Friday for customers who successfully signed up at least 5 others.

(Nathan) #302

Apologies… meant revolut. I believe they have an offers section

(Graham - Mental health professional) #303

They do, but there’s nothing currently offered.

(Nathan) #304

From the last time my friend showed me maybe a month or two ago they offered discounts at some retailers


To add to this is probably one of the most liked post here. CEO (Tom) also liked this but since then there’s been total silence on this which I guess is because of so much other stuff in development.

It would be great to hear on this from @zancler if it’s still in works to be released in the medium term.

(Nathan) #306

Yeah an update would be lovely… id assume its been put well on the backburner.

But then again it would be rude of me to assume and this would be a feature id love personally

(Damien) #307

Love this idea! Cashback would be great. Would this also work for direct debits?


Puhleeeze add this, another reason to ditch my other reward cards!

(Andy) #309

Interesting news coming out of MasterCard yesterday wonder if we’ll see this soon?