Cashback is coming to more customers 🚀

My bad on the 2% booster :grimacing:

My partner got invited today so we can use all single use offers (like ASDA) twice for our household now :innocent:

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Can confirm from testing right now, buying gift cards in Asda counted and got the 5% Cashback

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Ooh sorry, I’d said it from experience rather than hypothetical. I’ve just moved my groceries budget for the remainder of the month onto a gift card.

Also for 2 weeks running Asda rewards gave me £7.50 for spending £75. A gift card didn’t count, but I could spend the gift card towards it.

I personally didn’t buy a Asda gift card though, I bought a different company where I was going to buy anyway and thankfully Monzo counted it and got the 5% Cashback! :slight_smile:

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Feature request: linking to the store finder for the offers, or some way to see how close the doors are.

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That’s not a bad idea you know! Gonna get that done tomorrow!

Warning if you buy using the flex virtual card with the LNER Android app to pick up at a Scotrail station you can’t pickup the tickets as the ticket machine just requests to use the card that was used to buy the ticket. Hopefully the refund will go through.

Via Google pay works ok and can use any card to pickup.

The cashback tracked straight away with both transactions unlike before.

Any way to work with the rail operators so that the virtual cards wither go through as any card for collection, or block the transaction suggestion to use another payment method?

Got an email notification through to say that the first refund has been approved, probably take a few days to be returned. I wonder what will happen with the cashback. (I’m expecting it to be taken back).

It should be taken back - as per terms! :smiley:

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As I understand it, they’ll try and take it back from the cashback pot first. If the pot has been withdrawn, they will try and take it from your current account. If your current account is empty, then they will either take it from your overdraft or, finally, put you into an unarranged overdraft.

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We’re off to Asda this weekend to use the 7% cashback! :pray:

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I found this the same with MerseyRail :+1:

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Possible bug, when clicking on the cashback item on the monzo home screen it triggers the biometric app unlock, I can’t reproduce it immediately but it’s the second time I’ve had it, it seems to happen after not clicking on it for a while.

Anyone else?

Android 14, latest app beta.

I’ve just reproduced this once (Android 14, latest beta :monzo: app) but can’t seem to force it again. Tried logging out, logging in, setting biometrics up then tapping on cashback - works as intended.

It may well be time-related.

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Any chance of adding the ability to withdraw cash back directly to a regular pot rather than just your current account? For me ideally you’d be able to transfer it directly in to an investment account.

This also happens for me when I go into historic transactions on flex

Probably a wider bug then.

It’s done it again for me after ~30 minutes on cashback.

It was mentioned the other day in relation to how Monzo need Auth to capture historic transactions on connected accounts… So maybe that bug has spiralled

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Can someone from monzo confirm if this has been picked up, or should a sperate bug thread be created?

Hey :wave: Could I ask if any of the items in your activity preview (not in the see all part) are over 3 months old or not please?