"Cash withdrawal" transactions


Just writing to ask what is considered as a cash withdrawal now? For the first time, it seems now bill payments are considered as cash withdrawals, sharing the published cash withdrawal limits?

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presumably you can change the cash category to bills category in your app

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It’s just a miss categorisation. Just alter the category by tapping on the category.


My attempts to pay my bills were outright rejected due to them going over the withdrawal limit, presumably the cash withdrawal limit. The failed transactions correctly posted in the app as bills.

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can we start again , and tell us what the problem is -

there are cash withdrawal limits at ATMs

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Yeah it seems as though they are coming in as a cash withdrawal. I would contact support to get them to look into this


I went to two different companies online to pay off bills. I put in the Monzo card details and the transactions failed.

In the Monzo app, the failed transactions correctly post as bill payments to those companies, but with the “Declined, withdrawal limit exceeded” message. It is as if those merchants are being treated in the same manner as ATM withdrawals.

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Have you verified your account? If not then contact support asking to verify it. This will increase the limits.

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presumably you can change the cash category to bills category in your app

Can’t believe this thread. I work in IT support and understood immediately.

Monzo mistook your bill payment for a cash withdrawal and applied the wrong limit stopping you from paying your bill with Monzo and having to either contact support yourself or go elsewhere.

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That could be the reason.

@RJ_607 what was the support team’s explanation for this in the end? Did you manage to find a solution?

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Beta means bugs like this. There’s 40k users and as far as I’m aware, this is the first time this issue’s been posted in the community. So RJ has found an edge case that needs fixing, which is good news, that’s the purpose of beta testing.

If you’re too concerned that you’ll be the next person to find the the bug affecting 0.0025% of users, which Monzo might not be able to fix straight away, it’s probably best if you wait until after Monzo’s out of beta, before signing up.

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Worth noting that none of the people in this thread work for Mondo. This isn’t the customer support system.