Cash Register Sound!

I just love the Cash Register Sound on the PayPal App that is played every time some money is credited to my account. It always brings a smile to my face!

Could this simple featured be introduced on the Mondo App?


I have my phone on silent 99% of the time so it wouldn’t matter. If you were going to add a sound maybe something a bit more modern in line with the ‘modern’ bank of :mondo:


I would be very surprised if many people had their phone on silent most of the time!

I have mine on and audible 24/7 … the amusement factor comes from the irony of an old sound with an ultra sleek App!

It makes such a change from all the modern ‘jingles’ which don’t actually relate to a specific object e.g. a cash register.


Hi guys,

You may be surprised to know we have 2 sounds in the App already!

One for when you make a transaction and the other when you receive money or make a top-up.

It’s a tricky one, as when you make a transaction your phone will most likely be in your pocket, which means you won’t hear much! Once we add apple pay more people will hopefully hear these cheeky tones.

We added these when we launched the Alpha way back in November and hope to do more work on them soon.

My personal favourite is the top-up sound (keep your ears peeled and let us know what you think) :trumpet:

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Perhaps the sound could be played, and a notification pop up, to inform you that you’ve received money when you next open the app?

I work in an open plan :office: so also have to have my :iphone: on silent during the working day - I often forget to take it off silent when I pop out for lunch :pizza: (where I’m most likely to be using my :mondo:)

Wow - I tend to have the phone in my hand and be looking at the screen to ensure the Top Up succeeds - just don’t remember hearing a sound … will keep my ears away from any distractions for the next Top Up!

Perhaps the sound wasn’t that memorable (or didn’t resemble a cash register)?

Anyway, thanks for a quick response.

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