Cash Machines

(Frank) #21

Is there an end date for all to be removed? I got this yesterday. :man_shrugging:t2:


Had this recently at Morrisons so seems its not been removed by all ATM providers yet

(It was like that when I got here. ) #23

My local Morrison’s has a Note Machine ATM. The message has gone from that one. I guess it’s like a virus; it gets to them all eventually.


Got the message from a NatWest machine this morning… :grimacing:

(Foxy) #25

I took some money out on Monday at my local people station and that didn’t mention anything. Although the transaction on my Monzo feed is from the North East and this was in bucks :joy: I’m assuming that’s where the ATM operator is based

(Allie) #26

I’m amazed how much this bothers people. I can see it shocking to those who see it the first time and don’t understand, but once you know the ATM just always shows it for Mastercard it seems like it’d make sense and be easy to ignore?


Agree. Think l mentioned it on here as l noticed it on the ATM when it didn’t ask previously, or more likely l had forgotten whether it had or not.

I do however like to select a language different to English for those peering over my shoulder so l appear more continental :wink::grin:

(Allie) #28

I’m conflicted on this. Really, the language on the chip should be used. But, at the same time, I’m not aware of any bank that lets you pick this yourself… and not everyone living in a country will speak the language.


The Post Office ATM definitely asks me language, but it is the closest to the pub so it could suggest all kinds to me as long as l get my cash :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

However l do agree the ATM should pick language up from the chip / cross-reference to the BIN


Used Lloyd’s and corner shop ATMs yesterday. No more messages to choose a language or fees. That’s really nice!