Post office / Bank Ireland cash machine - you may be charged


Replacement monzo card ( just expired normally) and used at post office and it gave a you may be charged notification. Not seem one of those for ages… Can some one prod them again?


I think cash machines just generally warn you that your bank may charge you a fee if you don’t use their own ATMs. The machine should clearly tell you if it charges you anything otherwise

In this particular case, my guess is that this is showing because Monzo is not a member of the LINK network - and it is likely that the message shows for all non-LINK cards.

This is something that Bank of Ireland U.K. really ought to change, as only foreign cards should trigger the message.

Previously, these messages have also shown for all Mastercards, which makes no sense, and now that we are seeing Santander, First Direct (and possibly HSBC and TSB) all switching or planning a switch to Mastercards, along with the fintechs already using them, they really do need to change it.


Thanks for the report, we’ll let them know!

Mastercard made it a requirement a couple of years ago in the UK that this message is not shown for domestic debit cards after we had so much trouble with it.


Hi @Rika

I have just seen this post over on the MSE forum which does seem to confirm that it’s a Mastercard-related issue.

It seems that BOI have hardcoded their ATMs to show the message for Mastercards on the assumption that all “domestic” cards are Visa (obviously no longer the case).

My first guess was LINK due to all the previous Post Office related reports we’ve had here, but on closer examination it’s pretty obvious this isn’t it, if Santander customers are now seeing the message - I am sure they are still a LINK member despite their switch to Mastercard.

Thanks for looking into it!

Update: Please accept my apologies, since the link I posted before was to a post in a thread about Santander, I inferred that the poster was talking about Santander Debit Mastercards - looking again now, they have posted since, and I realise that they were actually talking about using a Starling Debit card.

Sorry for any confusion.

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