Carphone warehouse closing stores

what do people think about carphone warehouse closing its stand alone stores

They are one of the worst high street sellers and I certainly wouldn’t miss them even if they shut completely


“They were still open?”


I’m entirely unsurprised by this news.

Deals online have been cheaper for years. They had a huge data breach, were fined for mis-selling insurance, and still operate on DOS-based sales systems in their stores which are now significantly older than most of their staff.

The writing has been on the wall. Our local branch closed a year or so ago.


I never use third party mobile shops. Any issues, and the shop and network just point to each other. Hopefully something more useful takes their place.

Exactly. In the days where you can easily compare online, I’m not sure how they’ve lasted this long.

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Mostly agree with the comments above, people’s way of buying phones is changing, their model wasn’t sustainable.

As an organisation they’ve done a good job at planning for this though with the launch of ID mobile in recent years, they are quite competitive on pricing.

Runs on the 3 network:

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Good simple service too @Jackcrwhitney. £6 pcm - can’t go wrong. R-

Were scammers at best, crooks at worst. Good riddance.