"Back Order" - Carphonewarehouse

Just put an order in for a phone, once the order was completed they sent an email and half way through it states its a " back order "
They did a " check " on my Monzo but haven’t taken any money.

I’ve done some reading and this has happened to others too.

What a load of rubbish, had I known it was not in stock I wouldn’t have bothered.

You should be able to cancel the order I’d have thought. R-

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I think it’s a scam, im going to get the order number and call them.

Phoned a local branch and asked them for the correct number, called them up and they confirmed the order so all should be fine.

I just got concerned because the confirmation email went to my spam and had images missing out of the email.

Nothings been taken, all that I got was an " active card check "

It’s not clear what you’re asking with this topic?

When you back order an item you generally pay for it when it is back in stock and ready for dispatch.

Is that what you wanted to know?


Yes thanks.
I called up and they said it’s been cancelled, don’t know what to do now ?

Nobody on here can answer as to why your carphone warehouse order was on back order or cancelled. Just give them a call and ask :slight_smile:


Try another shop? Your order has been cancelled and no charge made. Don’t fret. R-

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I have done.

Sorry guys I panicked when I saw the email in my spam inbox, then googled the number on the email which was aparrently listed as malicious, phoned them up and was put through to someone in Africa ( not trying to be racist but lots of scams come from there ), however I asked them via social media and the number is legit.

Lesson learned, not to use CPW again lol

Phones4U might have it in stock.

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It’s more likely that your mail client was blocking the images within the email rather than the images being missing. Legit mail can in many cases end up in spam.


Just checked CPW and it’s saying out of stock , phew the emails were legit and this would explain why it’s been cancelled !
Blessing in disguise as I don’t like waiting lol

Just searched the forums and seen a few others having problems with CPW and Monzo