Card Payment Declined at the Post Office

(Hugh Wells) #21

I think I posted above about this :slight_smile:

The PO has two options for putting a payment through - as a purchase transaction or a “banking transaction”. We aren’t set up for the latter (although Starling now is) so if the purchase is attempted in the wrong mode with our cards then the PO will reject it :disappointed:

(Tom) #22

That’s interesting. I’d just paid money in to my Starling, so maybe it was still in banking transaction mode when I made my purchase. Who knows!

(Hugh Wells) #23

Possibly! I have no idea how their system works - I’ll see if I can find out more and do some experiments :slight_smile:

(Tom) #24

:slightly_smiling_face: I have no idea about how any of this stuff works, but always find it quite interesting!

(Rob Williamson) #25

I have the same problem in a local Premier store. They take all card payments through their Post Office counter and reject any card that can’t be used for Post Office withdrawals. I use my TSB card and the receipt they give is a post office cash withdrawal slip.


That must have been what happened to me the other week.
I was using chip and pin, the terminal said not accepted when I put the card in.
The PO staff member just asked me if I was using a credit card (I said no) she did something on her computer and asked me to put the card in again, and it all worked fine.
So I guess she was just changing the transaction method?

(Ollie Barton) #27

Are you working with the post office to get this issue rectified?

(Hugh Wells) #28

It’s not really a merchant acceptance issue I’m afraid :slight_smile: The Post Office card terminals are perfectly able to accept our cards for purchases of postage etc.
As I’ve said above, they will not work for banking transactions ie. taking out cash, depositing cash/cheques etc. If you have an issue where the card is declined, it’s worth asking (nicely!) if they can try putting it through as a normal transaction :+1:
This isn’t an issue specifically with our cards or Mastercard - any issuer that doesn’t have a specific agreement to process banking transactions with the Post Office will have their cards declined by the Post Office in this terminal mode :grimacing:

(Mr N Baxter) #29

I had my card turned down by the post office today, trying to withdraw cash as all cash machines have now been removed (banks closed down or machines stolen!) Are there plans to link in with the post office so we can withdraw money, seems a logical step as my first direct card wasn’t seen as an issue.

(Punit Mannari) #30

I have mentioned this before…I have big problem paying at multiple post office…all they say here is email monzo with details which I have done…nothing is sorted…some time it’s embarrassing when the card is rejected and there are people behind you…now days I carry 10 pounds cash with me to avoid situations like this

(Dave) #31

While this is more of a problem to do with how Post Offices try to process transactions, it’s an example of how when a bank does something that is different (i.e. not being part of LINK) that it becomes a customer problem rather than a bank problem.

So from a Monzo customer perspective it presents as an acceptance issue because of a choice Monzo made coupled with a choice the Post Office made even before Monzo came along.

Both Monzo and the Post Office are able to resolve this individually or together, so one or both should at least try (maybe they are).

(Mr N Baxter) #32

Thanks Dave I agree.
While I can work round the issue It is something which I feel I shouldn’t have to do and certainly would add to the perception that the cards don’t work.

(Simmy) #33

I’ve used my monzo card to pay for post in the past but it was via apple pay