Card options

Hey people @ monzo it would be great if you could customise your card like for example different colours maybe :man_shrugging:t4: And putting pictures on it that would be awesome

Thats all bye :wave:t4:

A select range of colours are available with Monzo Plus.

I would assume Monzo could expand Monzo Plus with further card colours and/or custom images but nothing has been announced for additional customisation.

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Yh but i dont want to pay Β£6 a month I’m a student So no thanks but instead of needing a monzo plus card if they could allow just picture customisation on the current card i got that would be so nice of them

There is a cost for customisation and Monzo doesn’t want free account holders to bear costs for additional services which are not part of the core product. Card customisation is not a core feature of a bank product. This is their reasoning for the cash deposit fee too.

Monzo also needs to increase revenue and Monzo Plus, and customers desire for card customisation, is part of that strategy.


You could do this with a card skin: