Card management - new customer

Issue: my card hasn’t arrived and the “re-order card” link doesn’t work

Details to reproduce:
Device: iPhone
App Version: 4.39.0


There’s a lag between when it says re-order and when you can actually do it. Give it a day or two and retry.

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You might also want to edit the image to remove your address :eyes:


If you can’t reorder card from link contact customer services after a day or two working week days.

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I wouldn’t normally do this, but I’ve removed the screenshot because (as @walderston points out) there was a bit of important personal information left in. Feel free to add the screenshot back without it!


I would have flagged it but I guess the rules have changed as I can’t see that option anymore :man_shrugging:

You should still have the ability to flag. I don’t think anything has changed (?)

Level 3 I think for flagging


I vote for this. There isn’t a way to reorder a card when there’s already a pending card to order

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Thank you :see_no_evil:

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Thank you, but Already tried that, hence the post on here. Nothing happens when I click the reorder button… you would think you get a confirmation of a reorder screen or something but nothing happens

If it’s not arrived by end of the week give chat a reach out from the help section.

Royal Mail is terribly slow at the moment in places so a few more days it may arrive.

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I’m L3 now :eyes: time to get flagging :stuck_out_tongue:


With great power comes great responsibility.

Maybe not here though