Card limit for daily cash withdrawals

I need my daily cash withdrawl limit increased to £1000 per day. How do I do it?

Just ask in the in app chat and they’ll sort you out :+1:

…as a one off in special circumstances. I haven’t heard that they’ll do a blanket update of an individual limit for the rest of time.

Is this a one-off that you’re after?


You’re right, sorry, I assumed it was for a few days at most :see_no_evil:

No I need a permanent uplift

I don’t believe that’s possible at least not to that limit. I know that they will raise the limit for one off big purchases but you’d need to ask via in-app chat.

ATM usage is discouraged due to the cost of it so it’s unlikey but as I say won’t know until you ask!

Let us know how you get on so we know for other users!


We can’t increase this permanently I’m afraid. But we’re more than happy to increase it temporarily if you have need to withdraw a large amount of cash one day!

We’d just ask that you get in touch with Customer Support and give as much notice as possible before you’d like to make the withdrawal :slightly_smiling_face:


Asked and answered ty


If you want a workaround for not having to ask Monzo every time you need more than daily limit you could use Curve. After using for a few weeks I requested Curve to raise my spending limits and now I have £1000 daily ATM with them.

How much cheaper is it for Monzo if we use Curve for cash withdrawals?

Maybe someone from Monzo can answer… I would think it will be cheaper because it would process as a debit card purchase.

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