Card capture

(Toby Cullen) #1

Got my card today. Surprised to have to type in the number to activate. Was expecting to use camera to scan.

(Josh Bray) #2

Is it really that much effort to type it in? Because I don’t imagine it’s too easy to implement a capture system.

(Toby Cullen) #3

Many other apps on my phone already do this. Not a question of effort.

(Josh Bray) #4

It’s not something I think the Devs should be focusing on.

(Toby Cullen) #5

Well obviously we have a difference of opinion. It is simply a Feature Idea as the forum title suggests. No need to diss it, just consider it.

(Tommy Long) #6

To be honest, since they know what card they’re sending you in the first place I’m sure there’s a more appropriate mechanism than scanning the entire card

(Naji Esiri) #7

Not a priority but definitely on our list of things we’d like to do Toby! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Toby Cullen) #8

I suspect that scanning part of the card might be trickier! Good to know it’s on the list and understand that it might not be a top priority.

(Tommy Long) #9

What I meant was that the entire process is unnecessary. Once you’ve topped up your initial £100 it should just log you into the app and allow you to use the functionality (send money, and other stuff in the future) but without your card. You should be able to see the card as soon as it’s dispatched in the card section but it should be frozen and then you could simply un-freeze it when it arrives. No need for card scanning at all!

(Alex Sherwood) #10

Or Monzo might even be able to load a virtual card into your Apple / Android wallet for you to use while you’re waiting for the card to arrive :wink:

We are assuming that users names will be on the debit cards here though. If they’re not (to speed up the dispatch process), then cards will be sent out at random (just as they are now) & Monzo probably wouldn’t know who was going to receive which card (unless they use a process like the one Richard suggested) until they register it in the app…

(Daniel Chatfield) #11

Hi Tommy,

With the prepaid card, the balance is maintained by our card processor and is linked to a card. So when you send money to someone this is actually just a transfer from one card to another. Also, we currently package generic cards and then just stick a label on them to send them. So whilst we know we’ve sent a card to you we don’t know which one. This has allowed us to significantly simplify card dispatch.

(Tommy Long) #12

I’m not saying it’s currently possible, I’m just suggesting a future flow that seems to make more sense. This would only really make sense post-current account launch anyway.

I get that currently the cards themselves when posted are anonymous but it seems like at some point you’ll probably want to change that? I don’t see that it would really impact on the time to dispatch, especially when you’re free from the pre-pay processor, you’d just need to NFC/barcode/camera the card against the customer’s account before popping it into the envelope.

(Daniel Chatfield) #13

We are still working out the logistics but if we choose to go down that route then it will probably add a day to the delivery. All of our cards are pre packaged currently.

Name on card?