Can't withdraw or add with pots

Issue: when trying to use pots, you can’t withdraw or add money into pots. This is a big bug as I separate all my money into pots. So I can’t access most of my money!

Details to reproduce: adding / withdrawing money from pots - got to payments and click on the pot, then select the amount and add/withdraw
OS: android
Device: Huawei p smart
App Version: latest


As Huawei isn’t supported by Monzo as they have no specific app, I don’t envisage this being fixed. :frowning:

If you can’t add money to pots, how did it get there?

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You should contact monzo using in app chat if you can’t access your money, search for contact us in the help section.

Although it will probably be quicker logging into another phone.

Can you post screenshots or is there a specific error message?

If the device has the play store it will be supported.


Yea. Huawei doesn’t have the Google Play Store.

Google were forced to remove it cos China.

Huawei phones that came with it still have it, it just can’t come on new ones, so at the moment most still have access.

It’s an old bug still unresolved.

Schedule your add or withdraw for today and it will work

Ohhhh :sob:

Ah that’s a good idea. I haven’t tried that. I’ll give that a shot!

Added it long before the issue started!

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It’s not unique to Android either, as there is a similar thread for iOS.

Monzo surely must be aware of the issue by now. Or perhaps these threads are no longer followed.

I reckon it’s the latter :frowning: