✅ [Android] App crashes / quits out when I withdraw from a pot

Whenever I withdraw money from a pot (any pot so far as I can see), the app quits/crashes out. When I go back into the app I see with withdrawal has worked fine, its just the the fact the app crashes out each (and every) time I do it. Anyone else having similar issues ?

Could you pls provide the usual bug report details (ie: device OS + version, device, monzo app version)?

Sure, sorry.

Google Pixel 2 XL
Android 9 Pie, PQ2A.190205.002 (Feb 2019)
Monzo version 2.37.0

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It seems to happen to older pots for me. But it’s weirdly inconsistent.

Also, happens when adding to these ‘old’ pots.

:point_up: Same device/versions


Is this the issue where pots containing emojis crash the app but ones which don’t, don’t? :eyes:

None of my pots contain emojis


None of mine do either. It’s just the pot created a while back that has been renamed a few times that causes crashes.

It’s happening to me too on my Huawei P20 Pro. So coupled with the weird keyboard issue that’s been ongoing for months it’s a considerable ballache to add or withdraw.


Friendly reminder to vote at the top if you’re experiencing this too. Should hopefully flag it better for devs. :heart:

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I’m surprised nobody has suggested to reinstall the app yet :wink:

Hey everyone,

This will be resolved in the next release. :tada: